Fencing Accessories

Fully stocked with treated and untreated lumber for your fence posts,  we also carry splicing systems, wire tensioning tools and rolls of fencing.  Anything your farm requires for fencing, D&G has it! 

  • Splicing System:
    • Crimp Sleeves – Stay-Tuff Crimping Sleeves come in five different styles – all designed specifically for wire.
    • Multi-Crimp Tool – The high-quality Multi-Crimp Tool has a wire cutter for cutting High Tensil wire, a slot for stripping heavy duty lead-in cable for electric fence, and two crimping slots, one for 12 1/2 gauge fencing, and one for larger wire.
    • Ultra-Crimp Tool – The Stay-Tuff Ultra-Crimp is the ultimate fencing tool.
  • Wire Tensioning:
    • Bar Pullers – this chain walker replaces a conventional come-along, and features a 2000lb. breaking strength on the chain.
    • Stretcher Bars – come in five kengths: 52″, 66″, 102″ and 124″.
    • Smooth Wire Puller – is designed to pull a single strand of any kind of wire – High Tensil, smooth, or barbed wire.
  • Post Clips – Stay-Tuff Post Clips are manufactured from 9 and 11 gauge Class 3 galvanized wire.
  • Drill Chuck – The Drill Chuck is specially designed for use with the post clips.
  • Barbed Staples – 8 gauge diameter with sharp double barbs and Class 3 galvanization for extended field life.
  • High Tensile Smooth Wire – is 12 1/2 gauge 215,000 or 155,000 psi wire that comes in a 4000 ft. roll.
  • Low Tensile Smooth Wire – comes in your choice of a 10 lb. roll or a 50 lb. roll.
  • Stay-Tuff Fencing roll – Stay-Tuff fence is manufactured using a solid vertical stay rather than the conventional hinge-joint between vertical and horizontal wires. This provides superior vertical strength, allowing the fence to literally stand by itself, and providing much greater resistance to stock pressure preventing penetration of the fence.
  • Brace Wire